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Stichting Infographicscongres Nederland

WG Plein 600 

1054 SK Amsterdam 

kvk 52066215

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Ticket sales for IC19 have started

You can now get your tickets for IC19! Early Bird tickets are available until August 15th. The Infographics Congres 2019 will be held at October 11 and return to Gooiland Hotel in Hilversum. Keep an eye on our speaker page to stay updated on speaker announcements.

A photographic recap of 2018

​Follow this link to see last year's pictures. (all images Thomas de Wit)

Follow this link to see last year's pictures. (all images ©Congresfoto.nl)

This Infographics Conference 2018 location will be: Gooiland, Hilversum

Gooiland is a grand hotel, theatre, event location ánd conference location. The building itself is a piece of architectural heritage and official monument, designed in 1934 by Jan Duiker. 

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