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Infographics Conference postponed to March 2021

As infographic lovers you must have noticed the increased importance of reliable information and clear infographics during this era of Corona. We have collected a few examples for you at the end of this message, and are open to see more great infographics to add on that list - so please share your infographics with us!

The flip side of this situation is that we, as Board, are faced with an impossible task. After all, with insufficient insight into what the future holds we have to make a sensible decision about the upcoming infographics conference. What we do know is that all kinds of conferences were canceled or postponed until autumn of 2020.

Based on that knowledge, we have decided to move the conference date from October 2020 to Friday 5 March 2021. This way we give space to the shifted congresses, we offer more certainty to our speakers and we avoid a concentration of inspiration for you, our guests, in autumn.


We hope to see you all again and in good health on Friday March 5, 2021 at Theater Gooiland in Hilversum!


Board Infographics Conference


Ruiter, Mariette, Rogier, Linda, Lars, Kate & Gert

Corona Infographics

We've put together a list of the best corona infographics we've seen so far. Feel free to share your favorites!

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