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Team IC

Gert Gerrits

Advisor media and information (Amstelland Library). Former projectmanager at the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO). Former member of the board of European Illustrators Forum (EIF).


Lars Boogaard

Lars works as an information designer and data journalist at Nieuwsuur.


Kate Snow

Kate Snow is a freelance information and graphic designer specializing in infographics, reports and publications for digital and print media.


Meinou de Vries

Meinou de Vries works as senior information designer for the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM). She turns complex information in attractive and engaging infographics and data visualisations. She has also worked for clients in the (semi)public sector, such as universities and governmental institutions and for ‘de Volkskrant’, one of the bigger Dutch newspapers.

yordi dam_edited.jpg

Yordi Dam

Yordi is editor in chief of the Data & Graphics department at ANP, the Dutch national press agency, and co-founder of the dataviz-platform LocalFocus.


Daan van Elk

Daan is head of the Creation & Design department at RTL Nieuws. Previously he worked as an information designer at Nieuwsuur after starting off as an infographic designer for Dutch newspapers like De Volkskrant, NRC and Het Parool.

Flip de Blois 04042022_0002_zw.jpg

Filip de Blois

Filip is an information designer at the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. He creates information visualizations based on scientific research for policymakers.

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-27 at 14.00.14.jpeg

Rick Storm

Rick is a senior designer at the NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Foundation) working on a broad range of online projects such as long form video's, interactives and livestreams. He previously worked as a designer at various design agencies in The Netherlands and abroad and taught digital design at an art academy.

N. van de Bunt.jpg

Nico van de Bunt

Nico is a graphic designer and illustrator at Clarify. He is specialized in designing (interactive) infographics and has worked for a wide range of clients, both commercial and governmental.

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