Team IC

Linda Meijer-Wassenaar

Data visualisations and visual stories

Linda has been at The Netherlands Court of Audit (Algemene Rekenkamer) for almost ten years and works together with auditors and designers to make audits more useful, accessible and engaging by using visual and information design.


Lars Boogaard

Information designer

Lars works as an information designer and data visualisation specialist at NOS and creates infographics, explainer video's and interactive stories for NOS op 3.

Ruiter Janssen

Graphic designer

Graphic designer specialised in information design.


Mariette Twilt

Information designer

Mariette is a designer with a background in journalism who loves to work on editorial projects in which storytelling and data visualisation play an important role. She also is a teacher at the St. Joost Academy. 

Gert Gerrits

Information designer

Projectmanager at the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO). Member of the board of European Illustrators Forum (EIF)

Kate Snow

Information designer

Kate Snow is a freelance information designer specializing in infographics and data visualizations for digital and print media. Combining a passion for complex information with a refined visual and typographic style, she develops insightful designs that inform, engage and inspire.


Rogier Klomp

Visual Storytelling

The studio is specialised in visual storytelling, graphic journalism, documentary animation and education. Translating complexities into palpable stories.