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2019 marks the twelfth anniversary of the Infographics Conference! Over the past years, we've had the privilege of sharing the stage with many great designers, journalists, scholars and entrepreneurs.

Speakers 2008-2016

Hans Aarsman

2016  2013

A former photographer who won his spurs in press photography in the eighties. Since 2004 publishes a weekly analysis of a recent press picture in The Volkskrant. Started his own theatre show in 2012.

Atja Apituley


Wayfinding consultant at Mijksenaar since 2001. Atja has worked as a designer for the Rijksmuseum, museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Athens International Airport, Premsela Foundation and the Dutch Ministry of Healthcare (VWS).

Dave Abspoel


Journalist and reporter for the NOS since 1993. Created the first animation for the NOS Journaal in the '90, about the EL-AL Bijlmer plane crash.

Adolfo Arranz


Creative director at MediaCorp (SG),

responsible for the graphics in the newspaper Today. His work has been awarded internationally (WAN-IFRA Asia, SND, Malofiej). Also an active ‘Urban sketcher’.

Bas Broekhuizen


Teaches at University of Leiden, supports students in multi-media projects and researches interactive infographics.

Alberto Cairo


Author of The Functional Art. Professor Information Graphics and Visualization at the School of Communication at the University of Miami. Teaches information graphics and visualization, and is interested in the convergence between Visual Communication, Journalism, and Cognitive Science.

Chris Campbell


Since 2007, Chris Campbell has worked for the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. He has produced infographics about war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide for all the cases currently going to trial, as well as those under preliminary examination.

Kay Coenen


Freelance infographic designer. Likes quick news bites and tight deadlines.

Alexis van Dam


Live mind mapper and event advisor. Maps live presentations and brainstorm sessions, and visualizes keynotes, break-out sessions, round tables and high level strategy sessions.

Gert-Jan Dennekamp


Economics reporter for the NOS. Brings abstract stories to life using 3D animations and visualizations.

Liselotte Doeswijk


Curator of Show me the news at Museum Hilversum, an exhibition about design at the NOS Journaal and RTL Nieuws. Researches the history of stage design at the NTS/NOS.

Kat Downs


Interactive Projects Editor at The Washington Post. She leads the design and development of multimedia projects that combine video, photography, graphics and social media and is also adjunct professor at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism that won an OJA for Best Student Multimedia last year.

The Drawing Room


A collaboration between illustrator Jan Rothuizen and Studio Zesbaans, The Drawing Room is the first 360º “drawn reality,” inspired by the tower room on the roof of De Bijenkorf department store in Amsterdam.

Jan Willem van Eck


Cartographer and Strategy Director at Esri Nederland. Aims to develop geographical thinking. He is a great supporter of open innovation and likes to look across the borders of geo-information. 

Vincent van den Eijnde


Managing Director of Pictoright.

Henk van Ess


Board member of the Association of Research Journalists and co-founder of the European Centre for Computer Assisted Research. Works internationally as speaker and trainer/consultant.

Nicholas Felton


Co-founder of Daytum.com, and currently a member of the product design team at Facebook. His work has been profiled in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Wired and Good Magazine and has been recognized as one of the 50 most influential designers in America by Fast Company.

Gert Franke


Co-founder of

CLEVER°FRANKE, an interactive design agency focused on information and data visualisation.

Ton Frederiks


Senior Sales Engineer for Adobe Systems Benelux. Co-founded Laser Design in 1985, the first DTP agency in Amsterdam. Was approached by Adobe to support the European market following the introduction of Photoshop 1.0. These days Ton shows people the wonderful world of Adobe Creative Suite.

Gert Gerrits


Project manager for the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO), with a special focus on infographics, illustration and graphic design.

René Glas


As an assistant professor in new media and digital culture at the department of media and culture studies, Utrecht University, he specializes in lecturing on and studying digital games and play. Among his research interests is the relationship between information, remediation and storytelling in game design.

Xaquín González Veira


Editor of The Guardian Visuals. Formerly National Geographic and New York Times.

Max Gorbachevskiy


Max Gorbachevskiy is an entrepreneur. For many years, he develops Russian infographics market by running Infographer, a graphic design agency and an online magazine sharing the same name.

Gert de Graaff


Graduated Cum Laude from the Filmacademie and won the Joris Ivens Award for his first feature film 'De Zee die Denkt'. Gert has since taught (among others) history of editing, semantics and single-camera direction. He also works as a freelance editor and Avid interface trainer.

Petra Grijzen


Journalist and anchor at BNR. Hosts BNR Spitsuur on Mondays through Thursdays.

John Grimwade

2016  2015  2013  2012  2011  
2010  2009  2008

John has produced infographics for many magazines, newspapers, books and corporate clients. He teaches infographics at the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University. A regular at our conference he presented nearly every year, even in disguise and from a DeLorean car.

Daniel Gross


Founded Catalogtree in 2001, where form = behaviour. Generative design, programming, typography and the visualization of quantitative data are part of their daily routine.

Yael de Haan


Senior researcher at the School of Journalism in Utrecht. Analyzes shifting practices in journalism caused by technological innovation. She is also involved in the research project Every Picture Tells a Story, about data visualization.

Eric Hammink


Founder of Hammink Design. Specializes in production of isometrical 3D illustrations and public transport maps.

Nigel Holmes


Former graphics director of Time Magazine for 16 years. Since 1994 Nigel has run his own company, Explanation Graphics. He also does graphics and illustrations for the New York Times. He's written six books, including most recently Wordless Diagrams, and Nigel Holmes on Information Design.

Susanne Hoogwater


Founder of Legal Visuals, that designs infographics and hosts trainings. Susanne is a pioneer in translating legal information to comprehensible visual communication. Author of Beeldtaal voor Juristen.

Gerrit de Jager


Gerrit has been a popular cartoonist ever since he created the successful comic De Familie Doorzon, just after his graduation from the Rietveld Academy.

Paul Janse


Graphic Designer at 2D3D Visual Communication. Winner of the Infographic Jaarpijs 2012.

Ruiter Jansen


Graphic designer specialized in information design.

Remy Jon Ming


Over a period of 12 years he made infographics for all Dutch quality newspapers. Now he is visually changing the world of law at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. 

Jelle Kamsma


Founder of LocalFocus, the news service for data journalism in local media. Was awarded €20.000 by the Stimuleringsfonds voor de Pers for the realization of his project.

Harjit Kaura


Designer for BBC News Interactive. Harjit has worked on various Data vizualisation projects which stem from a strong personal interest.

Kees Kraaijeveld


Co-fonder of De Argumentenfabriek, an independent Amsterdam-based analytics agency that helps organizations by visualizing information. He is a philosopher, psychologist and columnist for Vrij Nederland.

Wouter Kroese


Motion designer with his own company WOUW!, Wouter has worked for several TV broadcasters, including NCRV, KRO, BNN and MTV Networks.

Gertjan Kuiper


Project coordinator for VPRO Digitaal. Gertjan has worked on cross-media project like De Beagle and innovative applications like the Money & Speed TouchDoc app for Tegenlicht.

Maartje Kunen


Medical scientific illustrator and animator, who produces high quality digital visuals to clarify complex information.

Robert Kuunders


Professional trainer at Opatel Opleidingen, with a focus on software applications and technical skills related to webdesign, creation and maintenance.

Reif Larsen


American author, best known for 'The Selective Works of T.S. Spivet', illustrated with images which further the narrative by providing charts, lists, sketches, and maps accompanying each page, that mirror T.S.'s cartographic interests and his minute attention to detail.

Francien Malecki


Co-founder of firMM information+service design. Francien designs channel-independent forms. Was awarded the Dutch Design Award in 2004 for the digital tax return form she created for the Belastingdienst.

Joris Maltha


Co-founded Catalogtree in 2001, where form = behaviour. Generative design, programming, typography and the visualisation of quantitative data are part of their daily routine.

Mirella van Markus


Freelance presenter and producer for public and commercial broadcasters. Mirella currently hosts Hart van Nederland for SBS6.

David McCandless


London-based author, data-journalist and information designer. Author of 

best-selling books 

Information Is Beautiful 

(2009) and Knowledge is Beautiful (2014).

Geoff McGhee


Supervises the staff of infographics journalists at France's leading newspaper website Le Monde. Geoff has also co-instructed the Malofiej online infographics workshop in Pamplona, Spain since 2004.

Sean McNaughton


Senior visual communications designer at Chase Design. Visual journalist, data nerd & fascinated by information design & visualization. 

Jack Medway


Jack teaches data visualization at the University for the Graphic Arts in London. Also a consultant to several companies developing information-based products. Author of Information and Art.

Liesbeth Melkert


Chief photo, infographics and illustrations for Het Parool. Liesbeth studied fashion design and worked for several magazines as a reporter and stylist. She was the art director for Carp magazine and De Pers op zaterdag.

Erik Mijwaard


Chief graphics RTL Nieuws and Editie NL.

Tyra van Mossevelde


Infographic designer and sketch-noter from Utrecht. With a green heart she translates complex processes, policy documents and presentations to infographics to make the world more comprehensible.

Gert Nielsen


A strong advocate for the use of emotions in infographics, Gert is a known speaker and judge at infographic conferences and writes about his findings at visualjournalism.com.

Thijs Niks


Digital designer and co-founder of Bruns & Niks.

Barbara van Os


Deputy chief and designer for RTL Nieuws. Experienced infographics, leader and illustration designer for TV formats and corporate films.

Ymke Pas


Freelance infographic designer for several clients in journalism. Focuses on news, sports and crime, and likes tight deadlines.

Sheila Pontis


Information Designer, educator and researcher, bridging theory and practice. Her work and research focus on understanding the conceptual side of the problem-solving process and users’ behaviors.

Stefanie Posavec


Born and raised in Colorado, and moved to London permanently in 2004. Focusses on projects ranging from information design, data visualization, book cover design, and book design (or anything in between) for a variety of clients.

Ramses Reijerman


Infographic-editor at Het Financieel Dagblad, 

consultant, lecturer visual storytelling, and trainer editorial design.

Sandra Rendgen


Author/editor of Information Graphics (2012) and Understanding the World (2014), released in collaboration with Taschen Publishing. Has an academical background in art history and cultural theory.

Refugee Republic


Refugee Republic is a new online documentary about everyday life in Domiz Camp, a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq.

Mieke Roth


Freelance scientific illustrator. Uses a wide palet of tools, from Painter and Photoshop to Studio 3DS Max and Zbrush, to create realistic visuals.

Jan Rothuizen


Jan has exhibited internationally and published several books and websites. He describes his way of working as a form of echolocation. His presence has an impact on the environment, but the surroundings change him as well.

Geert Rozinga


Director and editor of the VPRO-series Nederland van Boven. Studied economics and political science at University of Amsterdam.

Frédérik Ruys

2014  2012  2008

Information designer, lecturer in visual storytelling. Gives workshops in editorial design and corporate communications all over Europe. Co-founder of the Infographic Conference.

Lars Scholten


Founder of CyBear, lecturer 3D production at the MultiMedia College, and certified trainer for Maxon (Cinema 4D).

Karin Schwandt


Freelance infographics designer, founder of Schwandt Infographics.

Dennis Sibeijn


Infographics designer and developer at the NOS, responsible for many animated infographics: from the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander to the opening of the new Rijksmuseum.

Anouk Siegelaar


Legal Counsel for designers and design agencies at the BNO (Association of Dutch Designers).

Erwin Slaats


Owner of design studio LekkerOntwerpen, working for clients in business,

government, non-profit and publishing.

Shayne Smart


Senior consultant for XPLANE, a business design consultancy. He uses visual thinking to design and facilitate workshops to make sense of, and reduce complexity in client organisations.

Moritz Stefaner


Works as a truth and beauty operator on the crossroads of data visualization, information aesthetics and user interface design. His work beautifully balances analytical and aesthetic aspects in mapping abstract and complex phenomena.

Michael Stoll

2013  2012  2010

Teaches information graphics and visual storytelling at Augsburg University, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and Neuchatel University.



Illustrator, designer and (political) cartoonist. Was awarded the Inktspotprijs in 2008, hosts workshops in the Persmuseum and lectures at the CABK Zwolle.

Rogier Trompert


Medical Illustrator and Program Director of the Master Scientific Illustration.

Jan Willem Tulp


A BSc. in Interaction Design, Jan Willem has a good sense for aesthetics and a solid foundation in programming. Works at the intersection of technology and design. His work has been featured in various books, magazines and exhibitions. 

Thijs Unger


Experienced infographics designer at the AD. Co-owner of infographics and animation studio Unger-Kisman.

Renato Valdes


Co-Founder and CEO of Human, a simple mobile app that helps people move 30 minutes or more, every day. Previously founded Cardcloud, which was acquired by Moblio in 2012.

Willem Velthoven


Founder of Mediamatic.

Frans Verstraten


Professor of Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University. His research includes motion and form perception, binocular vision, artificial intelligence, and even perceptual aspects of advertising and marketing communication.

Peter Villevoye


Independent trainer, writer and presenter about tools and applications for print, web, and other digital media.

Loek Weijts


Freelance infographic designer. Wants to make processes clear and comprehensible.

Carlijn Wiegant


Accountmanager at Getting The Picture and In60seconds.

Fleur van Wijck


Visual Consultant at Getting the Picture. Implements visual thinking methods in strategy-, change and sales consultancy trajectories.

Jeroen Barendse


LUST has worked in the fields of graphic design and new media since 1996. In the course of its existence, LUST has developed a design methodology described as process-based design or generative-systems based.

Sven Bellanger


Specializes in scientifically accurate botanical illustration at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium. At the School of Arts in Ghent he teaches anatomy through live drawing and a number of courses on refining drawing techniques and skills.

Peter Bellerby


Mastering the globe.

Arent Benthem

2013  2010

Founder of animation studio in60seconds.nl

Roland Blokhuizen


Infographic editor at NRC and freelance designer. Was awarded the Infographic Jaarprijs in 2001.

Charles Blow


The New York Times's visual Op-Ed columist. As graphics director he led The New York Times to a best of show award for the information graphics coverage of 9/11. Mr. Blow graduated magna cum laude in mass communications.

Jan F. Bonjer

2013  2012  2011

Editor-in-Chief of the Financieel Dagblad. Brings reliable stories and productions that engage and inform the audience.

Nadieh Bremer


Started as an astronomer, but currently works for Adyen, where she works on both data visualizations and analytics. Her favorite data visualizations border on the data art side while still conveying insights.